Chuck Fest 2022 | October 15th, 2022


The Chuck Fest Foundation’s team meets year-round to organize a one-of-a-kind event for Lake Charles, that focuses on music, art, food, and the PEOPLE of Lake Charles. The Chuck Fest Foundation gives back to our community by enriching each of these areas with a variety of training, and other community-involved activities.

Chuck Fest Foundation provides the development of workmanship, education of business, and training to carry out these tasks, to local students, persons who are unemployed, and a variety of artists.

The Specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:


Dave Evans, Founder/President

Music, Food & Beverage, & Operations Committees

Nan Evans, Founder/President

Treasurer/VIP, Operations, & Vendor Committees

David Pearce

Director of Technology

Michele Hirsch

Vendor, Merch & Communications Committees

Sally Kay Brockman

Volunteer, Vendor, & Operations Committees

Cal Schexneider

Music Committee

Jay Ecker

Music Committee

Blane Bourgeois

Music Committee

Jody Taylor

Music Committee

Kathryn Shea Duncan

Communications & Operations Committees

Julie McMillin

VIP Committee

Kaitlyn Gallegos

Operations & VIP Committees

Meagan Green

Merch Committee

Jeremy Broussard

Food & Beverage Committee

Jessica Fontenot

Operations Committee

Amanda Stutes

Vendor & Communications Committees

Elizabeth Guinn

Merch & Art Committee

Julia Pourciaux

Communications Committee

Walker Bihm

Communications Committee